Random Thoughts

He sort of is .. everything. I don’t really know how to explain it. He covers a wide range of emotions and personalities. Sometimes he’s super thoughtful, and other times he’s obviously pretty crazy, and running around, and just going off the handles. Not in a bad way for the most part, I would say, and he’s a guy that definitely has a good heart.

What I like about him is he really is quite artistically driven. I’m very thankful for that. He is the main writer in the band and even if it’s more of a pop song he tries to maintain artistic integrity. A lot of the times it’s hard to do that. When you listen to the radio now a lot of music has changed from that, so he tries his best to maintain an artistic approach even if it is through a more minimalist pop song.

He’s sort of all over the place. What I like is you never know what to expect. He’s quite witty and a smart guy, so a lot of the times what comes out of his mouth, it’s comedy. It’s nice to always be laughing.

- Ian Casselman

(What is it like working with someone like Josh? How would you describe him?) (x)

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